Clean Sweep

If you’re like us, you’re drawn to living simply and with intention, thanks to Marie Kondo and pandemic mania. In design terms, clean living means paring down to the essentials so that the clutter doesn’t obstruct beauty. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity. The best clean designs are effortless, yes, but also powerful, their

Wish You Were Here

You know the Wishbone chair even if you don’t know its name. Designed by Danish cabinetmaker Hans Wegner in the ‘40s, its Y or wishbone shaped backplate is a classic example of Scandi modernism. Like its like-minded midcentury chair friends—the Tulip, the Breuer, the Eames, and the Corbusier (called the Corby by those in the

Pining for Pine

Pine, and its light wood cousins, have been around the décor block before. In fact, pine was a major player in my early decorating jobs (I’m looking at you, House Beautiful cover). In a welcome pendulum swing, the light woods are back…with an updated presence and perspective. Today’s pines and bleached oaks are cleaner, leaner,

Top Brass

Brass is back in a big way, polishing up everything from furniture fronts to ceiling fans. It’s a welcome change from the last decade of cooler chromes and steels—and nothing like those flashy sprayed lacquer finishes of ‘80s yore. Today’s brass is softer, warmer—buffed or hand polished or patina-ed. Adding a little (or lot) of brass—in the


Six thousand miles may separate Santa Monica and Stockholm but aesthetically, there’s a symbiosis. A white washed minimalism. An appreciation of nature. A love of light. Think wishbone chairs, clean silhouettes, blond woods. Cali-style adds a cool boho vibe; Scandi-style adds a dose of restraint. When the two come together, the feeling is peaceful and

Black & White — Always Right!

Black and white is back—well it never really left. Both timeless and modern, the monochrome palette compliments any chroma around. Motif’s collection of black and white beauties ranges from striking consoles to Chippendale-esque chairs. Confident, clean, sharp, and oh so chic. SEE MORE Need help? Just ask Jeeves. Contact Karl ( or Mark ( for