Whatever the moniker, these useful fellows take up hardly any space and yet they can pack a visual punch. We’re fans of the pieces that are not just sculptural but also serve a purpose. One might say they hit the spot. SEE MORE Need help? Just ask Jeeves. Contact Karl ( or Mark ( for

Sea Glass

Who hasn’t collected sea glass, showcasing an assemblage in a vase resting on a windowsill or a bowl on a coffee table? It takes somewhere from 40 to 100 years for the ocean to work its magic and turn ordinary glass to that soft, frosted translucence. For those of us who aren’t in the mood

Steamed Punk Style

Steampunk is the newest design trend you’ve never heard of. A combination of historical elements and anachronistic tech features, we see the influence everywhere—light fixture to side tables, stools and counter tops. A close cousin of industrial design, the look has elements of the exposed-brick Soho lofts circa 1980 and the rugged coastal homes of

I was on a call with my millennial-influencer son when he referenced some trend or another. I asked for clarification, and my son simply said, “It’s a thing.” To which I added: pretty much everything is these days—a thing, that is. We’ve taken to identifying a staggering array of trends, events, memes, products and lifestyle

Never have finishes mattered more—and Woodbridge is a connoisseur of finishes. From soft Old Gold metals to hand planed Bordeaux fruitwood. In stock and quick ship casegoods. You can contact Karl ( or Mark ( for more info and assistance. SHOP WOODBRIDGE SHOP MOTIF DESIGNS

Ready, Set—Go

In an age of instant gratification and next day delivery, who doesn’t want things NOW?? I know I do. Here’s our go-to list of items you can have 1,2,3. Sofas and chairs in stock in five different fabrics. SEE MORE Need help? Just ask Jeeves. Contact Karl ( or Mark ( for more info and