When I first bought a home, the floors were what the wood floors were—skinny, brown oak strips. That was it. And I never thought twice about changing it up. It wasn’t until I was invited to participate in the prestigious Kips Bay Designer Showhouse that I was circuitously exposed to other flooring options. (How, you

Cocktail Hour

Glamorous yet utilitarian bar carts, perfectly proportioned drinks tables and the ever iconic cocktail table. Cheers—its cocktail hour somewhere! SEE MORE Need help? Just ask Jeeves. Contact Karl ( or Mark ( for more info and assistance.


Benches and stools are the must haves du jour. And they come in multiples! A pair flanking a coffee table. A singleton tucked under a console. His and hers at the foot of the master bed. Extra seating, extra surface, easy to relocate! SEE MORE Need help? Just ask Jeeves. Contact Karl ( or Mark

The White Way

Clear lustrous white and milky white is turning up again on all manner of furniture: beds, side tables, chairs, bureaus. While the milky white finishes speak of Swedish country, it is the clear glossy whites that we are all craving. It just looks so fresh and clean and new and right. SEE MORE Need help?

It’s winter. It’s interminable. It’s the kind of weather that makes me not want to leave the house, specifically the fireside. Nor do I want to be too far from the remote. All of that whining, due I am sure, to a shortage of Vitamin D; the lack of daylight hours is leaving me bereft.

We live in a lovely spot—as the French would say, endroit—but the truth is, many of our Westchester homes are old-ish, built in the post WW II boom or prior to. Kitchens are isolated and oft decrepit. Living rooms are not for the living. Need I say more? My customers are realizing that the costs