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Motif Designs is exclusive to interior designers and architects. We curate our collections to offer the very best in furniture, mirrors, lighting and rugs—traditional to transitional, old-world to modern edged. And how do we define best? Great pieces, great style, and great quality that works for real clients in real life.


Looking for something special? Or something off the beaten design path? Our concierge service offers the best in product research and sourcing. We know the market up and down, in and out. And we take great pride in finding just the right piece for you and your client.


Motif sources from a wide range of companies—from traditional to artisanal. We’ve cherry-picked our favorite furnishings, mirrors, lighting, and rugs, but the good news (the great news!) is that our access to these manufacturers’ products is unlimited. We provide to-thetrade access to entire lines.


Lyn Peterson is a wife, mother, designer, entrepreneur, know-it-all and all-round busybody. Pop by for tons of design content, ideas, opinions—and oversharing.